Bocel elias 53
​© Edouard Elias

Bocel elias 54
​© Edouard Elias

Bocel elias 56
​© Edouard Elias

Le courant de tail

La montagne cuivre

La rivie re de tail 2

The Forgotten Gardens of Nineveh

From memory
Project from a dream

Through the journey of the water, so precious to the Assyrians, I found seven places, bringing back from oblivion the islands suspended in the void.
Maybe fragments of memory.

The engraved line took the pulse of the dream, like a seismograph. From there, an emotional mapping was established, marked by ninivite cuneiform signs. So many landmarks, describing the state of the art.

The cuneiform translations come from the book "Notices on Foreign Characters, ancient and modern, written by a group of scholars, gathered by Mr. Charles Fossey, professor at the Collège de France, inspector of oriental typography at the Imprimerie Nationale. 1937