Krill a la loupe site copie

Gravure et gaufrage site copie
Embossing printing with gold hot stamping

Chauve sourisLa que sabe

Impression of the modeling clay from the dies engraved in brass.

Matrice turbot copie 1

The prints presented here are fossil eulogies, punctuated by confidences. 
These talkative fossils were obtained from brass engravings,
embossed on paper and hot stamped in a gold shade.

12 talking fossils have been discovered for the moment, the excavation is still ongoing...
Spider mites - Barracuda - Chiroptera - Dacro volans - Euphosia superba - Opah - Python - Skate - Scophthalmus maximus - Crocodilus niloticus - melanocetus Johnsoni - Gavial