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Zone blanche is a term used in cartography to designate an area that is still unknown.

This book is an immersion in the abyss, twelve creatures appear progressively with a text, each one evolving in a more or less vast zone. 

The embossings were obtained from engravings made in wood, transferred in brass at a good scale and then printed on black paper at the Jean-Luc Seigneur workshop as part of my apprenticeship.
The prints were finalized in September 2009, limited to 20 copies, including 10 non-book prints. (the first half of the print is in colour and the second in black)
Short texts were engraved on Plexiglas and printed on black paper as well.


 Bijou de l arcturus 1


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ReliureReliure zb

Binding made by Joëlle Bocel.

PVC bound with steel rods and japanese paper tabs, mounted on plexiglas.
Cover in stained ash wood with hot stamped embossing inlay.